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About Lviv

Are you planning a tour to Lviv?

Lviv (Lvov) is a city of western Ukraine and it is a very graceful city immersed in legends both ancient and relatively new. Lviv was the capital of a mighty Slavic state called the Galicia-Volyn principality.

Ukraine city of Lviv is one of the most charming and well-known parts of Ukraine. It has been newly gaining amply of attention from the world, City’s exciting architecture; presence of large tourist crowds brings a very special charm, capturing the hearts of everyone who’s always visited it for the perfect vacation. Every period (or) season is beautiful in Lviv. There are more than 2000 constructions of key architectural success in Lviv, with many churches. There is an international airport in Lviv. Today lviv is a major economic and cultural center in Ukraine.

Today Ukraine | Lvov is a worldwide leaning center of high technology, with speech technology, microelectronics, chips growth, media expertise, etc. It attaches excessive status to the universal financial, logical, medical and technical collaboration, mainly in the area of sharing the national knowledge with other nations. When it comes to the variety of places in lviv includes the Carpathian Mountains, Little Polissia, and world-class balneo therapy spa resorts, dozens of ancient castles, unique cities and towns.